I was one of the first people that did the initial beta CKA exam three years ago in 2017. Recently in November 2019, I have passed my CKAD “Certified Kubernetes Application Developer”. Just last week September 21, I had the opportunity to renew my CKA certification to be ready for the upcoming mysterious CKS “Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist”.

I have to say that LinuxFoundation is doing a great job in improving the exam platform and its features. making it more reliable, stable and usable by us the exam attendees. First time I took the exam at the initial beta launch…

This should be obselete, New update regarding my experince with CKA can be seen in “Renewed my kubernetes certified administrator cka 2020

I had the pleasure recently of passing CNCF CKA exam, three weeks before that I have passed the Red Hat certificate of expertise platform as a service exam; for the rest of us that is what Red Hat now addresses as Openshift Container Platform OCP3. Some friends and social media contacts have been asking, how did I prepare for the CKA exam? and how does it differ from OCP3 exam from Red Hat?. …

Walid A. Shaari

DevOps。Linux。Openshift。Kubernetes。Containers。HPC。Ansible。Puppet 。Chinese。https://walidshaari.blogspot.com

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